Immunity offers unique, aggressive, out of the box solutions to the

security industry's most difficult problems.

Consulting Services Overview

Immunity offers specialized attack and assessment services, including penetration testing, application assessments, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, architecture review and source code review.

New clients are often surprised to learn about the existence of unpublicized or unpatched vulnerabilities in exposed systems. Repeat clients benefit from familiarity and a client-specific knowledge-base as Immunity and the client work together over time.

All clients learn about real levels of exposure - not misleading false negative or false positive reports as generated by typical commercial vulnerability scanners.

Immunity's team always employs the perspective and philosophy of an attacker. This provides the client with a realistic picture of their level of exposure and an ability to adequately measure the risk associated with technology deployments.

The links here provide an overview of Immunity's methodology and approach to delivering assessment services. For more information, please contact imu.sales@appgatedotcom.