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CANVAS System Requirements


CANVAS runs well on any modern hardware. The simple question is to ask yourself how well your hardware runs your chosen operating system. If your hardware runs your OS well, then CANVAS will run well. Here are some minimum specs.

  • 1.2ghz processor
  • Chip architecture/OS must have Python 2.5 or greater support
  • 1GB RAM
  • 250mb free HD space
  • Good Linux drivers for wired/wireless cards
Operating System

CANVAS is written and designed to be run on Linux. While Windows and OSX are supported platforms, Linux is where CANVAS really shines. If you are tied to Windows as part of corporate IT policy, CANVAS also runs well in a VM (see the requirements above). For Linux, any modern desktop distribution with solid package management will work. We recommend:

A video demo of installing CANVAS on Linux (including RHEL) can be found here

Windows users

Windows users can download a zip file with all the dependencies (except pycrypto) and installation instructions for that platform from Immunity.

Due to export-control restrictions, we can not ship the pycrypto libraries. You can download a binary installer for Windows at the link shown below.

Mac OSX Users

OSX users can download an installer with most dependencies for that platform from Immunity. You can then download CANVAS as a zip/tar file that you decompress and run CANVAS_ROOT/ Please note you would still need to install pyasn1 on your own.


See CANVAS in action by watching the latest videos from Vimeo.

VIEW full CANVAS Video collection

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