Immunity offers unique, aggressive, out of the box solutions to the

security industry's most difficult problems.


Significant experience and knowledge is needed to offer quality security assessment services. Immunity is a specialized, detail-oriented security provider, with only top-tier security experts on its staff. Immunity draws on its staff's vast knowledge and skill-set to analyze an application for all potential vulnerabilities, known or unknown. Because of Immunity's focus on offensive techniques, Immunity's staff is able to adopt the focus and mimic the skill-set of a genuine threat.

Immunity penetration testing relies on the attack skill set of the consultant to manipulate web applications, analyze custom software, discover new and unpatched vulnerabilities, and develop new exploits for known vulnerabilities. The majority of Immunity's technical resources are always involved in some kind of attack research project. The results of this research are rapidly integrated into CANVAS and communicated to others via Immunity's consulting and education services.

Immunity's consultants have years of experience in web application vulnerability analysis, source code review, database security analysis, wireless assessments, software assessments and penetration testing. Employees are known within the industry for their classes and presentations on operating system and network protocol vulnerabilities, application vulnerability analysis, and reverse engineering.

Most of Immunity's employees have several years of experience as full-time consultants prior to joining Immunity and are available for specific consulting engagements, depending on the skills sought by the client.